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Bible familia shares faith

The LaFe Inter Varsity group meet under the Palomar clocktower on Sept. 27. Davis Van Renen/The Telescope
The LaFe Inter Varsity group meet under the Palomar clocktower on Sept. 27. Davis Van Renen/The Telescope

Explore your faith and Latino culture with LaFe Intervarsity club.

Intervarsity is a Christian fellowship group whose clubs at multiple college campuses offer Bible discussions to anyone interested. LaFe Intervarsity is a sect of Intervarsity, but differs in that it welcomes Latino students to openly discuss the Bible explore their faith.

The vision of LaFe, as said in their club’s mission statement, is to “create a familia of Latino students empowered to find and bring freedom, healing, and justice through encounters with Jesus.”

The leaders of LaFe’s Palomar chapter prepare lessons on different parts of the Bible that they then discuss with student club members. These meetings are held on campus located beneath Palomar’s clock tower. The discussion is lead in Spanish and held every Monday from 2 to 3 p.m. For those who are not bilingual there is an English spoken meeting held every Tuesday from 10 to 11 a.m.

Tania Andrade, a Cal State San Marcos graduate, is one of the current main leaders for LaFe at Palomar. After discovering Intervarsity at Cal State San Marcos, she fell in love with the program and decided to get involved.

“I experienced God and became a Christian through the club. It changed my life,” said Andrade.

LaFe is not just for those who are experts in their Christian faith. The club is also very welcoming to anyone that wants to seek faith and talk about it.

“[We’re] looking for anybody who is a believer,” said Juan Morales, a 25-year-old Palomar student who leads the Spanish speaking discussions but also attends Tuesday’s English spoken meetings.

Morales described how he saw a sign advertising the Intervarsity club, and after attending one of the meetings, decided he wanted to stay involved.

“I love how we are a community supporting each other and everyone’s welcome,” Morales said.

There are currently four leaders this semester for LaFe, but they hope to add more and continue their legacy of faith at Palomar. For more information on Intervarsity here in San Diego and at Palomar College visit

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