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iPhone 7 creates a fanboy

Apple unveiled their newest addition to the iPhone family last week, the iPhone 7, and the innovations are ground-breaking.

With Apple releasing a new generation of its flagship device every year, consumers have grown accustomed to CEO Tim Cook claiming each new model is better than the last. Others in the industry have noticed small to no advancements within the line. After doing my research I am now a believer in the hype surrounding Apple’s latest release.

The biggest controversy and game changer in the phone industry was the complete removal of the analog headphone jack in this remodel. However, consumers who still cling to their ear-pods can be rest assured that they’ve been made compatible with the charger port, or what the company calls the lightning port.

Eliminating the headphone jack could be a marketing strategy to increase sales of their latest technological innovation called “AirPods,” wireless headphones that can be setup with the phone. At $159, this pricey feature is on trend with similar counterparts such as Sennheiser and JayBird but becomes unparalleled with its features such as Siri connectivity and its estimated 24 hour battery life.

The phone’s most recent operating system update, iOS 10, is the largest and fastest to be engineered, ever. They’ve added a new processor, its A10 Fusion Chip, that makes the phone faster and smarter. Apple proclaims this new chip will make the iPhone 7 120 times faster than the original iPhone from 2007.

The camera has been refined to give users professional quality pictures that can be taken with the snap of your phone. Advancements with the camera include a larger six-element lens for clearer photos, optical image stabilization that eliminates blurred images when photographing in-motion, quad-LED flash that allows 50 percent more light to be processed, and a high speed mega-pixel sensor that allows photos to be captured more rapidly.

Apple always does a great job of paying attention to small details that make a big difference when putting them to practical everyday use.

They’ve created a way to awaken the phone when it’s lifted from a surface, Siri can now access and perform functions in apps upon voice recognition and its navigation app has become compatible with other apps such as Uber and Yelp. The new addition called HomeKit, which connects your phone to various home devices and integrates home automation for users to setup and manage through the phone, was spoken highly by Cook.

Lastly, with every new phone at Apple comes with it a new design. Iphone 7 is now the thinnest and lightest IPhone on the market. It will also be water and dust resistant competing with other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia.

New designs include a jet black color with a glossy finish, a stainless-steel Apple logo and enhanced stereo-quality with the addition of speakers placed on the top and bottom of the smart phone to produce two-times more volume than its predecessor.

While the official release for Apples latest generation iPhone is well before this story publishes, release is on Sept. 16, the iPhone 7 appears to be an extremely intriguing new product on the market. After doing all my research, falling in love with the product, and having a timely upgrade available with my service provider, Apple can be certain that I will be one of the many consumers waiting outside before release to get my hands on this hot new design.

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