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Spring Fest invites students to interact with clubs

Palomar’s clubs will be on display from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. April 13 and 14 during Spring Fest in the Student Union quad.

Hosted by Palomar’s Inter-Club Council, club members be outside the cafeteria with booths set up inviting students to understand clubs, learn more about the activities they host and partake in leisurely activities at Spring Fest.

“Hopefully they will join them, take part in their activities to get informed as to what their interests are, what they do, and how it may help them be a better person, and at the same time have a great experience they can share with their friends,” ICC chairperson Armando Contreras.

Contreras said he believes in the long term the building relationships with clubs and students will benefit everyone.

“Palomar is a community and we should all get to know each other,” Contreras. “It will make for new opportunities as students meet new people, see who might share interest and at the same time get a break from the rest of the school environment.”

According to Contreras, the objective is for the clubs to reach out the students, get to know each other, get informed, see how they can help out with the community, have fun and make friends.


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