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Current Events Quiz #12

1. What event has made Coachella, Calif. famous?

2. What will the minimum wage be by the year 2022?

3. Who is the late, great Padre baseball player also known as Mister Padre?

4. What is a grunion run?

5. Who is Jonathan Goldsmith?

6. A new spider species was discovered recently. He swims, surfs, and catches prey up to three times it’s own size. His name is Brian. In what country was he discovered?




1. The Annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, sometimes referred to as the Stagecoach Festival.

2. $15.00

3. Tony Gwynn

4. In the middle of the night there are hundreds of small silver fish, grunions, that swim ashore to spawn in the sand, usually occurring after a full moon.

5. Also known as “the most interesting man in the world,” the ad man for Dos Equis that is being retired at the end of the year. “Stay thirsty my friend.”

6. Queensland, Australia

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