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Finding Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style is a process of trial and error. It’s looking at old Facebook photos and cringing, and then promising yourself you’ll never wear that combo again. Once you find it, getting dressed is a walk in the park, with a few helpful cues of course:

Find your confidence in the structure. The more confident you are with how the clothes look on your body, the more confidently you will rock the clothes. Pick pieces that you feel comfortable in and that you feel like they flatter your body. If you look great in it, you’ll feel great in it.

Don’t limit yourself to your own closet. Building your closet can take years and it’s best to just let it collect piece by piece. If you go on a mega shopping spree and blowout your budget at once, chances are you won’t like half of it a year later. It’s just human nature, we’re picky and change our minds every three seconds. Experiment with pieces you never would have worn by borrowing clothing from your friends and family. Three best friends means three new closets.

Snapping a photo of the outfits you feel like a million bucks in will help you document and find your style along the way.

“Snap a quick picture for future reference. These are the outfits that epitomize your true personal style, and should serve as inspiration for spin-off outfits,” Kat Collings from WhoWhatWear said.

Don’t put a label on it. Being restricted to one style avidly following the trends might not be your way. Feeling like you have to dress girly all the time or professional all the time is no fun. The great thing about fashion is that you can change it everyday. Feel like being particularly rocker chic? Strut in leather boots, even if you wore a floral sundress the day prior.

Establishing your signature look is a serious accomplishment, one that denotes celebratory cupcakes and a new pair of shoes, and now you’ve just got to find it.

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