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Daphne Munson, a Palomar student spoke about Bravura – a literary journal published annually and distributed throughout the college campus.

The publication is looking for students and alumni to submit creative writing pieces. Anything which falls under the writing and/or visual arts category is acceptable. Students are encouraged to contribute short stories, comics, illustrations, and photo essays among any other form of creative writing.

The submission deadline is March 3, 2016 for the upcoming Bravura publication. Payment is not offered for submissions, however, each piece can enter a variety of different contests and win several prizes. The top prize is a $100 reward.

During Munson’s presentation of the publication, she explained Bravura is “a celebration of students and student work.”

There is no theme for the publication, and any student is invited to contribute their work for consideration. Bravura is created under the college’s Literary Magazine course. The course runs one semester long.

Students can submit their work to


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