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MacGyver your makeup

Picture this: You are in the Student Union women’s restroom, you have 3 minutes until your next class begins. You had no time for your usual makeup ritual at home. In a cruel prank by the makeup gods, MAC, Maybelline, and Revlon; your makeup decided to rebel against your face and cause havoc.

Michelle Rivera/Flickr Creative Commons
Michelle Rivera/Flickr Creative Commons

So what do you do when your makeup seems to be working against you?

Your unruly makeup won’t stand a chance if you MacGyver your way around it. MacGyver knew how to fix any problem by using what he had around him, as well as creating something he needed with what seemed like everyday useless objects. You can be just as creative as MacGyver when trying to tame your makeup.

It may seem hopeless to even try to put in that extra effort to make your makeup cooperate, but in the end you will be happy you did.

It won’t take much of your time to make these adjustments so you can put on your makeup seamlessly and be ready on time.

Face: If you run out of foundation, don’t stress it. Just combine your favorite facial moisturizer with a bit of concealer and it will create perfect coverage on the spot. Remember to apply it with downward strokes and not upward ones.

Eyes: To get a perfect cat eye look, use Scotch Tape as a guideline to get that wing clean and fierce. Sometimes your mascara can become dry or clumpy, even if it is relatively new. You don’t need to panic and run to the store and buy a new one, just add two to three droplets of eye drops into the tube. Then use the wand to stir it around.

Lips: Leaving a lipstick mark on your cup can be very annoying. To make your lip color last longer, just put a tissue over your lips and apply powder. It will create a more matte appearance and keep your lips looking wonderful for hours.

Now you are looking great and your ready to conquer the day.

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