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Our we losing our freedom of speech?

Question: In our politically correct nation, do you think we are slowly losing our first amendment right to freedom of speech?

Mohamed Elghossein, 18, Engineer (International Student)

“No. I don’t see that. If someone said I couldn’t, I would say no, everyone is free to say and think what they want and everyone has grown up to handle themselves and so they can say anything.”


Terrance Cartwright, 22, Business

“I don’t think it is a major concern right now but I do agree that our nation is getting progressively more censored, like everything we say or do we have to like watch ourself.”


Karina Delarosa, 20, Psychology

“I dunno really. I have never been censored but I know like a lot of people have, when they are like protesting they get kicked out from protesting certain places.”


Selena Patterson, 18, Criminology

“Yes, I think so. I just think that we are. I don’t really feel anything about censorship. Well, I don’t really think about it. But I do see that things are changing. But it isn’t something I really think about much.”


Alejandra Soria, 19, Ceramics

“It is a good and a bad thing but it just really depends on what you are intending to mean by what you are saying. It just really depends on the person’s opinion sometimes and what point they are trying to get across.”



Wesley Deatrick, 32, Computer Science

“No I don’t. I would not like censorship at all because of the First Amendment and you have the right to say whatever you like.”


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