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Extended Opportunity Program

The deadline to sign up for EOP&S this semester is Feb. 29.

EOP&S or the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services is a state-funded program intended to assist California residents who are economically, socially and educationally disadvantaged.

Students can apply at AA-141, and are required to bring in paperwork including proof of full-time equivalency, proof of Board of Governors waiver (or BOGW), and financial aid information.

Requirements for this program include being a California resident, less than 49 units, full-time student equivalent (or 6 units if enrolled with the Disabled Resource Center) and BOGW recipient. In addition to the primary requirements, students must one secondary requirement including: placement recommendations in English 10, Math 10 or 15, Reading 30, and/or ESL 99 or lower.

Upon applying, students must meet with a counselor and attend an orientation in order to receive benefits. According to Monique Meza, Outreach Staff Assistant for EOP&S, students can receive benefits as soon as two weeks after applying.

Students must apply at the EOP&S office room AA-141. For more information call 744-1150 ext. 2449, or visit

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