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If you’re always running late to school in the morning because you can’t settle on what to wear, downloading the Pureple app can make your life easier.

Pureple a virtual closet organizer that makes picking out a stylish outfit less of a hassle. Users can mix and match their outfits at the tip of their fingers without having to go through the process of physically trying on each item of clothing.

The app gives users the option to take pictures of the clothes they currently have in their wardrobe or search for their clothing items through the web. Outfits can easily be organized into categories that vary from the color they want to wear, the occasion they are attending, or the season.

Users can plan their outfits in advance by adding them to a built-in calendar. Whether it’s deciding on what to wear to school or packing for a trip out of town, Pureple is a convenient tool that will benefit you.

Pureple allows you to utilize each item in your wardrobe. You can keep track of when you wore a certain outfit to prevent repetition.

Browsing through the community gives you ideas on the latest trends. It also caters to your specific style to suggest creative outfit combinations that you wouldn’t have put together yourself.

Not only will this app save you time in the morning, it will save you money. You’ll know exactly what’s in your closet at all times, which will put an end to buying clothes that look similar to the ones already in your closet. Rather than purchasing pieces of clothing on impulse, you can see whether or not the item will integrate with your wardrobe.

iPhone and Android users can download this life hack for free in the app store. An in-app purchase allows you to synchronize your wardrobe into multiple devices for backup.

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