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5 Minute Makeup

With the holiday season over and the school year just starting, a fresh makeup look is an absolute must. Unfortunately, between classes, sports, and early mornings, having the time to do a full face of makeup is a hassle. It’s necessary to have a simple go-to routine that is perfect for a day at school.

Start with a clean, dry face before applying foundation with a flat foundation brush or BeautyBlender. Everyone has different skin types, so it’s important to pick a foundation that works for your skin. MAC or Smashbox have consultants that can help you pick a shade, but if you’re on a budget, drugstore brands like Covergirl and Maybelline work too. After applying foundation, you should set with a powder. Translucent powder will tone down shine without caking. For more coverage, apply a pressed powder all over the cheeks, forehead, and nose with a fluffy round brush.

After foundation, apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. Choose a rosy, vibrant peachy color that will make your face look youthful and fresh, even after pulling an all nighter. Thick, arched eyebrows are the trend right now. This look can be achieved by using a thin, flat eyeliner brush to fill in any gaps with a brow gel. A brown eyebrow or eyeliner pencil can work also. Apply in short, wispy strokes to achieve that perfect arch.

For an easy look that will make your eyes pop, line the watermark of your top and lower lids with a brown pencil eyeliner. Use a cream color matte eyeshadow and apply with your finger or fluffy eyeshadow brush all over the lid.

Next, take a light copper color, which is perfect for all eye and skin colors, then apply in the crease of the eye with a smaller eyeshadow brush. Finish off the look with a lengthening and thickening mascara on your top and bottom lashes in black or brown. If you’re brave, use a gel black eyeliner and apply a thin line on your upper lash line for a fierce cat eye look.

The last step is to do the lips. Lipliner can be tricky and can smear if not applied properly, and lip gloss is sticky. Choose a lip creme in a neutral color that applies like Chapstick but dries like a lipstick so it will last all day! NYX sells a great one at drugs stores for only $5.

This look is fresh and fun, yet can be done in less than 10 minutes. If you’re more experienced with makeup, adding contour and highlights on the cheek bones and using a darker eyeshadow color can turn it into a classy evening look. Good luck!

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