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Photo class takes a trip into the wild

Cool air, blue skies and a layer of fog lent to some amazing images for Palomar’s photography landscape and culture class.

Each semester the class, taught by Photography Professor Donna Cosentino, takes field trips to different locations to take photographs for the class.

This semester involved two field trips. For the second trip, they traveled up the 395 corridor from Lone Pine to Bishop Oct. 14-18.

They made stops in the Alabama Hills, Bristlecone Pine Forrest, Manzanar, Independence, Big Pine Creek, Schulman Grove, Patriach Grove, and Round Valley.

This semester the class was not only landscape but landscape and culture.

“This particular class, we really did try to concentrate on the idea of how we, how man, how human beings, have influenced that landscape which we have put ourselves into. What have we done to hurt it, what have we done to help it?” Cosentino said.

Cosentino teaches many photography classes at Palomar and will be teaching a landscape class for Spring 2016 that involves a trip to Death Valley.

Her advice for all photographers?

“You have to take your image beyond the snapshot, beyond the postcard. There has to be some connection between the photographer and that which they are photographing. That’s the most important thing,” Cosentino said.

Contact the Media Studies department for more information on the landscape class and other photography classes at (760)744-1150 ext. 2440.

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