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Hold accreditors to higher standards

We said it before, and we’ll say it again.

We need to demand the absolute best from our accrediting agencies.

In a previous Telescope editorial, we addressed the need to hold the state accrediting agency to the utmost highest standards.

We had our doubts then, and the recent report sent out by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office accreditation task force only emboldened our viewpoint.

Our current accreditation agency, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, or ACCJC, was the subject of controversy when they revoked San Francisco Community College’s accreditation.

This decision was one of many that led the ac- crediting task force to recommend that California seeks out a new accrediting system.

Sure, they reaffirmed Palomar’s accreditation. But it’s the principle that matters.

We need an agency with high levels of transparency and credibility. We need an accrediting agency that we can trust to do their job with the utmost level of respect for each institution. We need an agency who realizes that the students matter the most.

We shouldn’t tolerate any less. No compromises.

We, college students, faculty and staff, should not tolerate any corruption, or even the faintest trace of it.

There should not be any doubt that an agency is determining our accreditation status. We shouldn’t have to worry about them doing their job fairly or accurately.

If the ACCJC is the only accrediting agency in the state, they have what is a monopoly. Let’s let hold them to high standards.

If our college credits, and the hours of hard work behind them, are at risk, then we need to care about this.

We encourage Palomar College officials to be vocal advocates for credibility.

We encourage Palomar students to become informed and research the accreditation process.

Don’t leave it up to someone else to determine whether your hard work is valid.

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