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Faculty team up for weight loss

Image courtesy of Team Life
Image courtesy of Team Life

Palomar’s faculty and staff took their health and fitness into their own hands during the Spring 2015 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition.

With the help of organized weekly workouts and biweekly weigh-ins, Palomar’s persistent participants said they worked hard over the course of 10 weeks to achieve the own personal weight loss goals as well as compete for the cash prize.

Kelly Falcone, a faculty member in the kinesiology/health department, and the chair of Palomar’s TEAM LIFE committee, continues to be the mastermind behind the motivating fitness movement since starting the challenge seven years ago.

“As in all healthy behavior changes, it is tough to stay motivated,” Falcone said in an email. “However, we know that people tend to be more successful when they are accountable to others, and we also know that many people are motivated by challenges. This is why we provide this opportunity to our employees.”

Since the first challenge in Spring 2008, the participants have lost a total of 2,014 pounds. TEAM LIFE provides weekly fitness activities that are optional for the participants such as Jazzercise, circuit training, functional strength training and a lunch break walking activity called “Walk the Campus.”

These physical activities are designed by TEAM LIFE to help inspire the participants to engage in physical exercise on their own time as well.

Along with the physical aspect of weight loss, the contestants are offered professional development seminars in juxtaposition. The seminars include topics such as diet analysis, stress management, designing an exercise program focused on healthy living, and the most efficient ways to lose weight while maintaining a motivated and healthy state of mind.

As well as running the competition, Falcone is also a worthy contender and uses the motivation she finds during the 10 weeks of competing to reach her own fitness and weight loss goals.

“I always participate,” Falcone said in an email. “I have had some challenges that I did really well and others that I did not reach my goals. However, as in all behavior changes, many times it is not about reaching the destination but focusing on the journey. The journey to health is a daily choice and as long as I am making healthy changes I feel good even if I am not reaching the goal I had hoped for.”

This semester’s weight loss challenge winner was Elaine Armstrong who lost 10.68 percent of her starting weight. Following in a close second and third place were Kendyl Magnuson with 10.25 percent and Johanna Murphy with 8.58 percent, respectively. The overall pounds lost during this spring competition was 83.2 pounds between the 28 participants.

For more information on The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge visit the TEAM LIFE page at

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