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How you can transition to vegan alternatives

I bet you’re wondering what vegan food consists of. You may be wondering if it is healthy for you. You may even be speculating over how you will obtain your daily protein from a vegan diet.

These series of posts on healthier vegan alternatives are here to inform you that you may safely venture on into this new lifestyle and be as happy, healthy and physically fit as possible, if not more than you are now.

A vegan diet excludes all animal and animal by-products such as: dairy, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and any other milk derived products. It also excludes the usage of any type of meat from beef, chicken, fish, lamb, etc.

A vegan diet may be challenging at first, you may also experience withdrawals in the beginning as your body transitions. This is normal; we all go through this in the beginning. It is best to slowly ease into this new way of living, rather than dive right in and feel guilty for consuming some form of meat or dairy a few days or weeks later.

I would suggest that you first aim to replace 2 meals a day for 1 month as mainly vegan meals. Then by your second month aim higher, as you become more comfortable you will notice how much your mind, body, and overall self is slowly changing. You will notice and feel better in the end, I guarantee it.

Watch out for ‘Good Eats’ weekly, where I’ll be posting invitations for you to taste, and also peer review, these healthy alternatives with some upcoming recipes. I also further invite you to create your own recipes and submit them to so that other students may also share in your experiences by contacting us at


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