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Surf Report: Beat the rush to the beach

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Almost nothing to report from this weekend or this morning, just some ripples coming from all directions out there. My recommendations would be to get out the frisbee and beach towels and catch the early spring breakers coming to the coast. The forecast predicts that there will be some swell reaching the coast this Friday, but the specifics are not up yet. So for now, enjoy the nice weather and don’t leave your surfboard in the sun.

Tip: If you can’t stay away from the water, a good way to have fun and get a work out during small wave periods is to set yourself a wave count and a time limit. Do whatever you have to do to catch the amount of waves you designated for yourself in that time period, including paddling to a new spot where the waves may be rolling a bit better. If you commit yourself to completing the task, you will get a great workout from paddling all over and also increase your wave predicting skills. This can also be a good goal during big wave periods, but the pure workout aspect of battling bigger waves can tire you out before you are done catching your waves.


Also, attached is a video describing some things to think about while surfing small waves. The video is directed at more experienced surfers, but even if you are not a seasoned surfer you can still learn something new from this video. Take a look.

Small Wave Surfing


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