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6 reasons you should listen to podcasts.

Podcasts have been around for a good amount of time yet, not everyone partakes in this type of entertainment. In today’s post I will share 6 reasons why you should integrate listening to podcasts into your life.

  1. Show reviews: One of the main reasons I listen to podcasts is for the show reviews. The intriguing part about listening to these types of podcasts is that it helps expand the show past the hour or two block it fills on television each week.  Hearing fresh perspectives and strong opinions on the very show you love is almost as entertaining as the show itself.
  2. News source: Podcasts are also a great place to hear news. In this age of technology there are many ways to get your news. Instead of having to tune in all week for your news, podcasts nicely round up news without overlooking information.
  3. Learn undiscovered things: Since I started listening to podcasts I have learned so much unique information. Podcasts can truly be informational and active listening is a great way to retain this information
  4. Laugh a lot: There is also no shortage of hilarity in podcasts. Comedians, hilarious personalities, and funny topics are just a few of the aspects of comedy you will find in podcasts. Whenever I am in need of a good laugh, I turn on my favorite podcasts and laugh away.
  5. Great for multitasking: If you’re someone who loves multitasking then podcasts are perfect for you. Instead of staring at your phone or computer screen all day for entertainment you can play your podcast aloud and continue on with your day, while also being entertained. This is a multitaskers dream.
  6. There is a podcast for everyone: Lastly, the topics of podcasts are endless. Pretty much any topic that interests you can be found in some form of podcast; there is something for everyone.

These 6 reasons alone should be all you need to get your podcast fix going. If not, check out podcasts platforms such as: Stitcher, Soundcloud, and ITunes Podcasts to listen for yourself. A few of my favorites are: The Read, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and Podcast Fandom. So go ahead and give podcasts a listen, and thank me later.

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