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Rocking pink for a good cause


Pink is a prominent color in the fall, occurring naturally as the season brings pink sunsets and as the color appears as hints in leaves as their colors are transformed. But the color pink is also emphasized this month by individuals and companies as more than a fashion statement, due to October being recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Many people have been rocking the color pink this month and it’s more than just a fashion statement. Stores have decorated their interiors with pink, restaurants like P.F. Chang’s have painted their exteriors with the color, and people on and off campus have been spotted with pink shirts and other accessories.

Wearing pink is a link that connects us all together regardless of our gender; it’s our declaration of support to those who have battled breast cancer and our way of saying that we will keep supporting the cause to help victims overcome the battle and be cured.

While pink is the most feminine of all colors and ‘saving the boobies’ is a statement only women can relate to on a personal and sentimental manner, it’s refreshing to see men supporting the cause and it’s safe to say that in this case, ‘real men wear PINK.’

Here at Palomar we’re also proud to have had our volleyball girls wear pink during one of their games at the Dome – a game whose proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Go Comets!

This month, pink has been the biggest of all fashion statements. It’s our way of saying, we want to ‘save the boobies.’

Pink has never looked so good.

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