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How to Choose a Major ONLINE

Choosing a career path can be one of the most difficult decisions that a person has to make.

The Career Center held a workshop called When and How to Choose a Career on Sept. 30 to help students with this predicament.

The turnout of the event was small, but it provided an array of information for students to use.

According to Rosie Antonecchia, the Career Center director who has been working at Palomar College for 13 years, the workshop’s main goal is, “to immerse students in the career exploration process for early career and major identification.”

Antonecchia added that 80 percent of students are not sure what they want to major in, and that 50-60 percent of students end up changing their majors while in school.

Anthony Manuche, 20, a mechanical engineering major, said he had trouble finding a major because the ones that he was interested in were difficult.

“Keep surveying your options. If you do all your stuff through general ed, you’ll eventually find something that you’ll really like. And then do your research, and find a good major that suits you and your needs post college,” Manuche said when asked what advise he had to other student who had undecided majors.

During the workshop, Antonecchia said that one of the reasons why students have trouble picking a major is because students lack the self awareness to understand what they want to do. She specified that defining your goals, finding out who you are and finding information on career fields are just a few of the ways to help students find out what they want to do.

Mark Mccurley, 21, computer science major at Palomar College, said that he hasn’t decided on his major yet, and stressed that other students should take time to figure out what they wanted to do.

“It’s something that you need to take time on, and you shouldn’t have to feel rushed into it,” Mccurley said.

The Career Center offers many services and workshops that help students decide on a career path, and you can find more information at the Career Center’s website at


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