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Club Rush event signifies importance of clubs to Palomar students

Sean Horgan/The Telescope

Palomar clubs such as MEChA, Gender and Woman’s Studies and Fashion Club members came out Sept. 4 to express the importance clubs serve to the students of Palomar College.

“It’s a good way to meet people and investigate their fields (of study). Pretty much, MEChA is teaching you how to succeed in having a higher education,” Zimei Moreida, 20, Judicial Advocate for the MEChA club said during the Club Rush event in the Student Union.”

Vicente Guzman, 33, president of the Fashion Club, said clubs are a great way to combat loneliness because it gives people an outlet to be involved and interactive with other people.

“Sometimes people need somewhere to go so that they’re not alone all the time,” Guzman said. “It helps them interact and it helps their esteem. It’s always good to be a part of something instead of not being a part of something.

Katie Turnbull, 19, student at Palomar College, expressed interest in the Nutrition is the Vision Club. Turnbull said she is searching for clubs that will assist­ her in the long run.

“I generally look for things that are going to help me succeed,” Turnbull said. “If it’s something like community service that might look better to the colleges that I might want to transfer to in the future, then that’s something that I usually consider.”

The various club members presented information about their meetings, events and purpose to students and held a raffle to encourage prospecting students to buy merchandise.

According to Associated Student Government Senator and Inter-Club Council Chairperson Meeko Moore, 18, who helped organize the event, said the prizes for the raffle included sweater jackets, grab bags and t-shirts. Moore added that the raffle is important for clubs to raise funds for events, field trips and other club activities.

Erich Barden, 20, the treasurer for the Gender and Woman’s Studies Group, said clubs are a positive and fun way for students to get involved and help the school.

“I think they bring a vital life to campus,” Barden said. “They make it exciting and people have a lot of fun doing it. And sometimes, if you do it right, they can really help the school out and make it a positive place for everyone.”


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