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Author: Rodney Figueroa

Rodney Figueroa is a returning staff writer for the Palomar Telescope. He’s previously written for now defunct gaming website MMO Attack and talks a lot about issues pertaining to popular culture, video games and technology.
Figueroa also serves as a teacher in real life, a professor of game design, his understanding and knowledge of how the industry works and some writing credits give him some amount of clarity into his articles. Well versed in social media and social affairs, he centers his writing around current events and opinion pieces at Palomar College.
Before Palomar, Figueroa worked at a Visual Effects firm where he learned how to survive on coffee and determination, when not writing or working, he’s probably playing a videogame or indulging himself in fixing his car.

Video games will shape the modern entertainment industry

Gamers are growing up and they’re not the buck-toothed, thick-rimmed eyeglass-sporting types of yesteryear. It’s not just a club for the boys anymore either. Women…

Featured image: Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune/TNS | Used With Permission

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