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The Astronomy Club Looks to the Skies

SAN MARCOS — The Astronomy Club showed off their stuff at the Club Rush on Feb. 6 and 7.

The Astronomy Club invites students to explore space and the possibilities it holds.

At Club Rush the Telescope spoke to current members, Julie Johal and Alan Martinez, about their club and what they do.

The Astronomy Club is a student body that discusses all things space: including new technology, NASA missions, and theory. There is no required major to join, just a genuine interest in space.

Current topics of interest include the possibility of life on Mars, time travel through space, survival on other planets and alien life forms on distant moons.

The club typically meets every other Thursday, and on Feb. 29 they are holding a Star Party where members will do some stargazing, weather permitting.

Thanks to Professor Kardel, their club advisor, the club also has access to the Palomar College Planetarium. The club regularly uses it as a meeting place and a way to explore the skies.

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