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Thumbs Down: The Palomar Bookstore Isn’t Always the Best Option

Thumbs Down: Although the Palomar Bookstore is convenient and its website fairly simple to navigate, it isn’t always the best option when shopping for textbooks. Sometimes it’s better to explore other choices.

Granted, the online website is well organized, and the search for supplies by student I.D. is very convenient. However, the down side can be long wait lines, higher prices, and sometimes even wrong items.

In my Microeconomics class the bookstore accidentally purchased the wrong physical textbook edition, creating widespread classroom confusion. This has caused a setback in the learning process and undue stress among students who now must scramble to acquire the needed textbook in a timely manner.

Additionally, prices at the bookstore are not always the best. For us students, money and time are huge commodities. Unfortunately, the bookstore’s prices are often higher than that of the publisher.

Furthermore, basic supplies such as notebooks, pens, and pencils are sold at higher prices than that of a big box-store such as Walmart or Target. The bookstore acts more like a pricey convenience store than an actual student resource.

Although using the Palomar Bookstore should be a no brainer, sometimes it’s smarter to do our own search and purchase supplies elsewhere.

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