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Getting to know Palomar students

Arianna Gutierrez is a 19-year-old Palomar College student, currently pursing Biology with a focus in engineering.

Arianna finds her love in helping people in her community, meeting people, and is driven by her passion for helping the world. Arianna began her college journey in the spring semester of 2023. “I didn’t have the confidence to be in the Palomar community… but I found the confidence to meet people,” Ariana said.

As Arianna continued her educational journey at Palomar College, she loved having the opportunity to meet others and enhance her passion for Biology. “Make connections, because they are a really big thing!” Arianna said. Finding her purpose and group of people she truly connected with, has helped her spark motivation to continue pursuing her goals.

Arianna Gutierrez’s biggest takeaway from Palomar College was finding the confidence to meet people and make connections. “Find the rhythm and you will feel in place and part of the school,” Arianna said.

Working on making connections is what really helped Ariana grow her love for Palomar. With a growing passion for Bioengineering, she strives to have the opportunity to clean and replenish the earth.

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  • tempImageXFPitf.jpg: Arianna Gutierrez | Used With Permission

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