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Stadium construction reaches milestones, but sports will have to wait.

Palomar’s construction of two new stadiums has reached the homestretch after dealing with setbacks. However, whether sports will be able to play once they’re finished is a different question.

Palomar began construction on two new stadiums last year on Oct. 18. Estimations were that it would take a year to complete, but that’s no longer the outlook.

Palomar’s construction manager, Dennis Astl, explains that the construction site ran into problems that led to delays. He also explains how current supply line issues prevent crucial equipment from arriving. Without the equipment, sports are unable to host games at their stadiums.

Despite those ongoing problems, progress on the stadium itself has made leaps. After exploding dense granite that blocked the way for construction, Palomar held a topping-off event that ceremoniously placed the last support beam on the stadium. Spectators were allowed to sign the beam before it was sent up.

Daniel Lynds, Palomar’s Athletic Director, speaks about the look of the stadiums and how to purchase tickets. Also, while going over the history and possible future of Palomar Athletics, a slideshow of old photos archived by the Telescope reflects on the journey Palomar’s athletics has been on so far.

Stadium construction was funded by a $50 million bond coming in from Prop M. Prop M is a proposition approved by voters that brought in $694 million to Palomar in the form of bonds.

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