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Ceramic Department Celebrates Kiln Upgrades After Nearly Three Decades

SAN MARCOS- Palomar’s ceramic department has recently received an upgrade in equipment with the addition of two new kilns.

The two new kilns are worth “85,000 dollars,” according to the department technician, Tim Murdoch. Ceramics Instructor Lee Puffer stated that these new kilns are “better and safer for the students.” She then added that students could ”work with more precision.”

When asked about the new kilns, first-year ceramics student Valeria Gudino said, “I feel like the art department never really gets anything new, so it feels nice to have new equipment.” Sage Kerr, another ceramics student, also added, “the old kiln can still be used as well, and it’s nice to have variety.”

When asked about the process of getting the new kilns, Murdoch added, “Palomar has always been cooperative.” Murdoch further shared that Palomar hasn’t gotten a new kiln since 1992. Murdoch further added that in addition to the kilns, the ceramics department will also be receiving new shelving and a new hut shop.

For students looking to observe some of the ceramic department’s work. Currently, at the Boehm Gallery, located in the C and D buildings, current ceramic works are on display for students to view.

The ceramic works will be on display until Sept. 21, according to Ryan Bulis, Boehm’s gallery director. Not only that, Bulis further added that there will be a ceramic and glass sale at the end of this semester, where students will have the opportunity to sell their work. This ceramic and glass sale event will go from Dec. 6 to Dec. 8.

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