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Celebrating Easter with the Palomar Orchestra

SAN MARCOS – Growing together in excitement and anticipation, the crowd in the Howard Brubeck Theatre went on a journey of musical awakening together when viewing the performance delivered on Saturday night.

The Palomar Symphony Orchestra teamed up with guests such as the San Diego Master Chorale in order to deliver an exciting yet revelating show. “The Magic of the Mysterious”, directed by Dr. Ellen Weller and Dr. John Russell, took place on Friday, April 7, and Saturday, April 8.

The concert began with the work of Ralph Vaughn Williams and his “Five Mystical Songs.” The work of Williams is a religious celebration highlighting the idea of the Resurrection and the Holy Trinity, meaning a combination of three that also exists within music. The “Carmina Burana”, is a cantata composed of poems discovered in Beuren, described by Ellen Weller as “a mystery of earthly matters and earthly love”, stated when introducing the show.

The combination of sacred and secular takes the audience on a journey of figuring out the role and position of humans on earth, providing two different perspectives or opposing beliefs that can offer not only answers – but an experience to grasp upon in order to move through life. A foundation to lean against and rely on, if you will.

The “Five Mystical Songs” had enticing and adoring melodies, transcending listeners into an emotional state of happiness and hopefulness of new beginnings and the ability to start anew after a bad occurrence in life, or in this case, after one has sinned. The songs are a depiction of the love and forgiveness of God that is received not only within the religion of Christianity but also by every human on earth, referencing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The “Carmina Burana” can be heard through melodies sounding like a thousand frolicking happy birds on their tippy toes whilst also including deep chords that provide a more riveting effect to listeners. The cantata moves through many different experiences of life to reach an ending of purity and encouragement to experience all life has to offer.

The concert can be heard as the beautiful music it is or one could have a more intricate experience that stirs emotions, thoughts, and reflection by reviewing the true meaning of the songs presented and the passion of the directors and performers felt through the tunes and notes shared.

The performance by the Palomar Orchestra and guests’ was a merge of talent, beauty, and dedication working together in unison to provide an inspiring and uplifting experience. When hearing the chords and voices from the stage, it’s hard to remember the intricacy, time, and hard work the performers put in when it flowed so effortlessly together.

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