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Palomar’s Student Architecture Awards

SAN MARCOS – The Architecture Critique Award is a ceremony that is held for the program to celebrate students’ achievements. Palomar’s Architecture department offers associate degrees in Architecture as well as awards students with Certifications of Achievement. Palomar’s Architecture Critique Awards are held to recognize students’ hard work in designing and building their courses and activities.

Four of Palomar’s students were recognized in 2020. The Fall 2020 students that were awarded an Architecture Critique Award were Joseph Nunez and Ryan Georgi. Students Kiara Hiatt and Joni Frame were awarded the same award in the Spring of 2020.

The students were given a Certificate of Accomplishment for the Architecture Critique Awards. The certificate stated the ‘outstanding achievements’ and ‘exemplary work’ in their department.

Palomar’s student Hiatt was awarded for her architecture designs and plan for a Woodbury Outdoor Studio. She included visuals of her idea of the studio’s elevations and wall detail.

Frame was awarded for his pitch on Woodbury University Outdoor Studio Classroom. He described in his project the elevations and materials that he would use for the building.

The Architecture department at Palomar College shares its sole purpose in being the lead educator for students interested in a positive building environment. The head of the Architecture department is Palomar’s academic advisor Professor Lucido.

Palomar’s Architecture program offers Certifications of Achievements and Associate Degrees in Architecture.

Instructors in the department wish to inspire students’ creativity and ideas in design and architecture.

The program’s objective is for students to find success in their ability to apply green design, site analysis, design theory principles, and material as well as structural applications. These methods are used to prepare students for employment in the field of architecture. The Architecture department wishes to send students out into the world to create safe and positive environments for themselves and others.

Palomar’s school website has a page for students to visit if they are interested in pursuing Architecture as a career. The Architecture website provides many resources for students such as information on how to contact each staff member in the department. The site also offers a transfer guide for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college with a major that involved architecture. Students are also given helpful links on the website.

For more information on Palomar’s architecture department, visit this link or email the Head of the Department at

For a list of the awarded students, click here.

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