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Two Comets Earn First Team All-PCAC.

Palomar College Men’s Basekabll finished the season with a record of 18-10 overall and had a 10-6 conference record for the 2022-23 season. Palomar had six players on this year’s All-PCAC team.

The Pacific Athletic Conference selected sophomore Andrew Milot and freshman Kryztian Walton as first team, while freshman Adam Sevier made second team. Sophomores Cairo Baeza, Chad Robinson and Clyde Harris all received an honorable mention honor.

“It feels great to be named All-PCAC first team, it is reassurance to me that the hard work Coach Patterson, and Coach Buzz put me through is paying off. Also it’s motivating for me to keep working just as hard if not harder moving forward,” said Kryztian Walton.

Sophomore Andrew Milot said, “It’s an honor really, I want to thank all my teammates and the coaches around the PCAC that voted for me, it means a lot to be recognized throughout the league as one of the best players that conference has to offer.”

Milot finished the season with 205 points along with 45 rebounds, 61 assists, 27 steals and three blocks. Walton finished with 192 points, 133 rebounds, 16 assists, nine steals and 24 blocks as a freshman. Walton also lead the conference with a 64.9 field goal percentage while Milot had the third highest in the conference.

When talking to Milot about his future he said, “What’s next for me is to be announced soon, I will be transferring to a four year to continue my basketball career soon, just trying to figure out exactly where that will be so stay turned.”

Although Walton is a freshman this year he is excited about what the future holds here at Palomar College. “I feel a significant need to come back next year and finish the job that we started. So I will return back to Palomar next season and win a PCAC Conference Championship banner along with making a playoff run that will land us in contention for a state championship,” said Walton.

Talking to Walton about what he brings to the team he said, “Personally I think I bring the size my team needed to compete at a high level this year…However I brought the much needed physicality and defensive paint prowess my team needed without lacking size.”

Milot brings everything he can to the game he loves, on and off the court. When being asked “What makes you stand out as a player on the court?” Milot said, “… my all around playmaking ability, I control a game with just passing the ball, but I also can control a game with scoring the ball. It’s taken me a very longtime to find that balance in my game but I believe I have grasped it and it’s only up from here.”

As Milot looks forward to his future at a four year university, Walton looks to come back next year and make a big splash for Palomar College. The Comets next season starts next fall semester 2023. They look forward to next season and hope to make a run deep into the playoffs to have a shot for a state championship.


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