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The Comets Have Soared

SAN MARCOS – The women’s basketball team of Palomar has had an unforgettable season. With Leigh Marshall as the head coach, they will enter the playoffs as an undefeated team in both their regular season as well as the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC).

The team has been known for its outstanding records in the past as well as the present, and the players often tend to credit Marshall for a majority of their success.

“Marshall puts everything she has into the program and the record not only of this year’s team but teams in the past shows that her dedication makes a difference,” says Faith Schwanter, a guard on the team.

With high contributions from both the coaching staff as well as the players, the team is committed to continuing their success in the playoffs as well as coming seasons.

“I am truly honored and proud to represent a program run by such an amazing coach,” says Gabby Sebit, a forward on the team. “We know the standards to expect and trust that the following class will be ready when their time is called.”

Riding the high from this season, everyone is wanting to know what the team will do to continue their newly earned legacy.

“It’s an honor to be able to be part of this team and continue the winning legacy,” said Schwanter. “As a team, the best way for us to maintain such a standard is to buy into the culture and what it means to be a Palomar Comet.”

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