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HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Viewers Captivated.

HBO’s new original series “The Last Of Us” carried a huge following leading up to its air date, January 15th. It started off as a video game, released about ten years ago; delivering an exhilarating thrill in yet another zombie/infected-esque post-apocalyptic video game.

The synopsis is a fatal infestation of Cordyceps, a fungus that destroys nearly all human life on the planet within 24 hours. This brings Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) together under grave circumstances where they must rely on one another to survive a dangerous journey caravanning across the broken remains of the U.S.

The fellow Game of Thrones actors share a genuine chemistry that has viewers infatuated with the show’s dynamic duo. Something about their innate chemistry truly shows.

In a review published by Screen Rant, Caitlin Tyrell said, “The chemistry between Pascal and Ramsey is key to making this dynamic work. Ellie and Joel are both closed off after experiencing tremendous loss, but they bring out pieces of each other that they believed to be lost. Ellie recovers some childlike wonder of the world, which bleeds through while Joel’s fatherly instincts take over.” We see this take place every episode; as Joel begins to imprint himself upon Ellie.

The two’s innocent friendship can be seen during their interviews, as the two share smiles and laughs reminiscing about their time on set over the duration of a year.

The series has now just been signed for a second season! So we all are now looking forward to seeing the pair even more. So far, the first few episodes have side-swiped viewers with Canada’s eclectic landscapes, the impressive special effects make-up of “the infected,” as well as the many endearing relationships, devastating memories, and points of view we have seen.

Episodes air Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on HBO Max.

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