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The Sublime and the Artistic at Palomar College

THUMBS UP – Palomar College is a unique haven for some of the best characteristics in art and nature.

As a campus endowed with grassy wide-open spaces accentuated by towering, majestic trees, Palomar offers a rare enclave reminiscent of pristine nature. Cool ambient air wafting down from the high foliage above refreshes the spirit on salubrious days when one needs a place to enjoy a tranquil respite in an idyllic setting.

Whether coming to class and needing a fresh start or leaving class and feeling the rejuvenation of a breath of fresh air, the rare blessing of Palomar consists of the enjoyment it offers both inside and outside the classroom.

Such an environment brings not only academic enjoyment in the class but also a sense of serene attunement to the natural world. This experience is especially blissful when meandering through the Arboretum where one feels transported to the untamed wilderness, an explorer blazing a trail for others to follow.

Interspersed throughout this wonder of nature are incarnations of the human imagination in the form of idiosyncratic sculpture and original architecture encountered in various unexpected places. Herein lies the interesting feature that Palomar has to offer: a wonderful confluence of the natural world interwoven with inspired creations of human genius.

The arts are an especially outstanding feature of Palomar’s aesthetic repertoire. Providing venues for the artistically inclined, Palomar College delights the sensibility with a plethora of opportunities for aesthetic enjoyment, from exhibits in the Boehm Gallery to performances at the Howard Brubeck Theatre to musical concerts in a concert hall where both music classes and events are held. For connoisseurs of varied preferences, Palomar College gives the artistic community a wide-ranging forum to both purvey inspirational themes and appreciate the joys of creative self-expression.

Whether you’re inclined to luxuriate in the repose of a natural setting or dwell on the profundities of ideas embodied in art, sublime and artistic enjoyment awaits you at Palomar College.

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