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Food On Campus

THUMBS UP – Throughout Palomar College, our food options are fantastic and relatively affordable for students on campus.

As a Palomar College student, I enjoy going to the student union to grab lunch because they have a variety of different options whether you love pizza, sandwiches, chicken tenders, or salads.

Last semester, a new restaurant opened in the student union called Bento that has poke bowls and pre-packaged sushi rolls for students to grab when they are in a rush.

Starting this semester, a new coffee shop just opened in the cafeteria called Java City which is exciting for students and staff because they have coffee, tea, pastries, and lattes to get you through the day.

Although students might not like the options we have on campus, our vendors are super affordable compared to other four-year colleges. For example, you can get a pizza and soda combo from the student union for $6 which is very cheap for students on a tight budget.

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