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The Campus Atmosphere isn’t Very Simulating

thumbs up thumbs down visual with textTHUMBS DOWN – I don’t know that we are doing enough to coax students back for just the pure joy of early college life. Maybe it is the lack of noise on campus that makes me worry that the same collaboration and camaraderie can be created in online and hyflex platforms. There are no makeshift music bands or sports in the quad areas but gentle smiles as people pass and chat with their friends. The tables in front of the cafeteria have rust and their colored umbrellas are faded. Social education appears to be replaced through social media or for those older bars and online dating. I wonder what vibe high schoolers who have been back on campus will get visiting our beautiful but serene campus. I hate to say I almost miss the litter from flyers inviting people to clubs or events. I am glad that we have a larger group back but am hoping that similar to Australia that the majority attend in person.

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  • Thumbs down – Campus life: Trina McLeary / The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
  • Thumbs up thumbs down: Trina McLeary / The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
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