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Men’s Water Polo Team ‘Beats them by 20’

Palomar Men’s Waterpolo team is filled with ambition and spirit. I went up to the players and captain Craig Anderson to ask them if they had anything they wanted to share with the Telescope about their first home tournament.

A lot of information was shared. Anderson and other teammates were more than happy to let me know all about the team and upcoming events. More importantly, they wanted Telescope readers to know about their first home tournament played on Sept. 10. Two games were played. The first game was against Miramar College and the second game was played against Citrus College.

Two days before the tournament I asked the team how they felt about that upcoming Saturday. “We’re gonna blow them out,” said player TJ Turner regarding Miramar. “Citrus was a close game but we hope to beat them by 20,” added teammate Parker Brice. ‘20”, refers to the number of goals the team planned to make. When I asked Anderson how he felt about the upcoming game he said, “we’re psyched”.

The players were interviewed before practice. They displayed excitement and shared several words of encouragement with one another. When I asked one of the members of the team if I could speak to the captain, he was more than happy to do so. The captain displayed enthusiasm not only to me but also to his team members over getting ready for practice. This energy radiated throughout the entire team.

Overall, they all seemed very confident in this game. This clearly paid off because the team did in fact end up “beating them by 20 ”. Both games, Citrus and Miramar were won by Palomar. Shots were primarily made by players Arleigh Williams, John Farner, Tj Turner, and Torin Carss. They all “lead the charge” as one of the players kindly explained to me. In both games, the following players scored around 6 goals each.

Players strongly encourage students to come to watch them play. A lot of the players invite family and friends and recommend others to do the same. Their next home game will be played on Sept. 30 against Ventura College.

More information on Men’s Waterpolo schedule and results can be found here.

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