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Palomar’s Athletic Trainer Wins CCCATAA Award

Flecicia Heise, Palomar’s Athletic Trainer, has won the California Community College Athletic Trainer of the Year award.

Flecicia Heise has been at Palomar for more than 28 years. Heise specializes in the care and prevention of injuries and illnesses that occur to the student-athletes at Palomar College.

The California Community College Athletic Trainer of the Year award is an award that is won through nominations. Colleagues of the Athletic trainers throughout California create the nominations.

“Athletic trainers that are nominated are recognized for the work that they do for athletic training whether it’s sitting on committees and helping establish protocols and/or an athletic trainer going above and beyond their duties and being a role model for future ATCs.” said Heise in an interview via email.

Heise believes she received The California Community College Athletic Trainer of the Year award because she was, “Just doing my job!” she said.

“As an ATC we are constantly faced with situations that we have to think outside the box. I make sure that we have plan A, B, C, D just in case the former doesn’t work out. I am very passionate about being the athletic trainer at Palomar. It shows in everything that I do. I am just honored that I was recognized for just that,” said Heise.

When talking to former Palomar College student-athlete JaMario Harris, about Heise, he had this to say, “One thing that will always stick with me is how much attention to detail Flecicia conveyed when teaching athletes how to properly manage their body’s” said Harris in an interview via Instagram.

Heise cares about her student-athletes, “I work in athletics which is under “Student Services” – it’s always about the students and what’s best for them to be successful in their future,” said Heise.

Many student-athletes at Palomar College know how much she cares for the students and how she always tries her best to make the athletes happy.

Kenna Broach, a student-athlete currently enrolled at Palomar College who plays on the Women’s Volleyball team, said this, “Being in contact with Flecicia makes me feel much happier while at Palomar because she is such a ray of sunshine on the campus,” she said in an interview via Instagram.

Furthermore, Heise is a hard worker and expressed how honored she was to be recognized for that. Heise brings a welcoming face along with pride and passion to work every day. She has and always will be for the student-athletics, and she will do whatever is best for them.

“I don’t think that I try to be anything/anyone else but myself. I bring pride and passion to school with me every day and resonate with the student-athletes, students, and staff members. When I am presented with a dilemma I figure out what is best for everyone, but more importantly what is best for the student-athletes,” said Heise.

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