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Palomar Freshman Named SoCal Player of The Week

Freshman baseball player Logan Parker is making a name for himself at Palomar College.

Making the transition from playing baseball in high school to college can be tough for some. especially while experiencing a global pandemic, but Logan Parker has beat all odds and continued to stay resilient and shine within the world of community college baseball.

Parker (#10) was selected as SoCal Player of the Week for his undeniable performance against Golden West College on Jan. 29. Parker managed to rack up 6 strikeouts assisting his team to a victory of 20-2.

During a phone interview with Parker he not only showed his true love for the game of baseball but his humble confidence as a player.

When asked where his drive for baseball comes from, Parker responded, “My drive comes from just my love of the game, I love the game outside of playing it and I love studying the game, growing within the game, and learning”.

Parker has a true passion for baseball which drives his motivation to keep excelling.

It is not uncommon for many athletes to struggle with the transition from high school sports to college which Logan has become familiar with.

“I think it’s definitely difficult, I think it’s more of a grind on the daily basis and the competition both on my team and who I’m facing is a lot tougher, which is intimidating at first but once you realize that you’re good enough to be there you just play your game”, Parker explained.

When asked about his recent accomplishment he stated, “It was really cool I didn’t really expect anything like that but it was a nice honor and it was cool to know that I belong at this level.”

Parker has not only been recognized by the CCCBCA, or the California Community College Baseball Coaches Association but also by fellow teammate, Christian Wood.

“Logan’s a great guy and great teammate. He’s always looking out for the best for our guys and is just such an easy going guy. What makes him such a great teammate is that he is just a super supportive guy and just wants to see everyone succeed.” Wood said in a phone interview.

Aside from being involved in baseball, Wood stated “Something that people might not know about Logan is that he actually has a farm and likes to spend a lot of his free time out there on his land.”

According to Wood, Parker is not only talented but has a positive impact on those around him.

“The impact he’s had on me has been positive because he’s always showing support and shows me that he always has my back.” Wood said.

Parker has a true devotion to not only the game of baseball but also being an athlete. He said so himself, “To be honest I kinda live, sleep, and breathe baseball all the time”.

If you want to see Logan Parker in action and support the Palomar Baseball Team, visit the Palomar College Athletics website for more information.

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