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Tips and tricks to pass your semester

Palomar College is kicking off its semester this spring with extremely difficult courses that can lead students to struggle with passing their tests.

However, study hacks that have helped many people last fall, including myself, are things like writing important information down on notecards to help memorize the facts or working with other people to help retain more information by repeating it to others.

Many believe that writing information on notecards can help you due to retaining more information by learning to memorize the information and testing it yourself. Notecards make people write the information down multiple times and review it back by testing themselves.

Working with other people in study groups can help you teach others about the information. You are able to relearn the information yourself while also teaching it to other people.

Some links you can refer to while studying is:


Keeping up with classes can be difficult if you are taking more than three, adding onto the fact they may be fast track as well. So managing your time in these ways shall benefit you to get through this spring semester.

Breaking your assignments up into certain days can help you stop procrastinating and allow you to have more free time to do other things.

Having to juggle school and a job can be difficult for people to do, so doing the assignment the day it is assigned can be efficient and allows you to have less stress before the deadline.

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