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Pre-screening here is what to know about

Since Palomar college has mandated that all students and Faculty have to be vaccinated in order to go to campus or its learning centers, Cleared4 has been keeping track of the daily screenings.

Every day Palomar students and Faculty are responsible to fill out a pre-screening form to update their Covid status. Cleared4 is a cloud-based health verification platform that monitors and manages covid-related safeties and compliances.

Julie Lanthier Bandy, the Communications and Public Affairs at Palomar College shared through email that faculty has the ability to look at the surveys and look at who is cleared to be on campus and supervisors overlook employees’ responses.

“All students and employees who learning or working onsite are required to complete the daily health screening. We are working on developing a system to effectively monitor individuals who have received a “cleared pass” and have permission to be onsite at the main campus and education centers” said Lanthier Bandy.

The daily health survey that every student and faculty member fills out every morning before heading to campus or one of the education centers helps inform individuals who are ill or not feeling well, that they should not be on campus or the education centers.

“The pre-screening daily questionnaire does not track down covid but it helps prevent the spread of covid,” said Lanthier Bandy.

There have not been any COVID-19 outbreaks at Palomar according to Lanthier Bandy.

“We feel this is due to our stringent health and safety guidelines and the dedicated employees who have worked diligently in our Emergency Operations Center to implement these mitigation and prevention strategies.” she added “It is also due to the many students and employees who have acted responsibly during the pandemic and stayed home when they were ill, and continue to wear their masks while indoors and complete the daily health screening questionnaire,” said Lanthier Bandy.

Starting in the spring semester on January 31st, students and faculty are required to be vaccinated and required to fill out the Cleared4 questionnaire the spring semester.

” We are especially grateful for all who have received a complete COVID-19 vaccination,” said Lanthier Bandy.



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