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Should the vaccines be mandatory for jobs? Definitely.

Since there are now face to face events allowed, vaccinations should be mandatory for job employees. Not only should employees receive the vaccine because of COVID-19, but also because of the delta variant.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Delta variant is stated to be “more contagious” than previous viruses, as well as how unvaccinated people are more at risk of catching the variant, as well as how the variant causes worse symptoms for unvaccinated individuals.

Based on the information from Google, the most common symptoms of COVID include fever, dry cough, and tiredness. The least common symptoms that are also mentioned include aches and pain, sore throat, losing taste or smell, headache, etc. The serious symptoms of the virus that are mentioned include difficulty breathing, chest pain, and loss of speech.

In a reading from World Medicine Foundation, it is discussed how the delta variant started, as well as the symptoms and signs. Based on the information, it is mentioned that the variant was created by COVID, which states “nine in every 10 new coronavirus cases are now the Delta variant.”

The symptoms that are listed from the article include headache, sore throat, and runny nose. Professor Tim Spector states in the article that the variant symptoms are not the same as the virus.

“Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users – and they are not the same as they were,” Spector said.

“This variant seems to be working slightly differently,” he adds.

Due to this information, it is important for businesses to require the vaccine for all employees. To find out more information on COVID, Delta variant, and the vaccines, check out Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

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