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Free Student Parking for the Fall 2021 Semester

Refunds will be issued for those who have purchased a parking permit.

The Office of the President at Palomar College has sent an email to students informing them that parking will be free for the fall semester.

The email states: “We reviewed our on-campus parking policy and we have determined that during the fall semester, parking will be free to all students who are required to visit the main campus or one of the Palomar College Education Centers.”

Students who need to visit any of the Palomar campuses no longer have to worry about paying for hourly parking or having a pre-purchased parking vehicle permit.

Before the announcement, there were two ways to pay for parking on campus. The standard semester vehicle parking permit cost $46 while a daily permit cost $1 an hour or $5 for a day pass through the ParkMobile app.

Refunds are currently being issued to students who had already purchased a parking permit to the accounts they used to pay for it.

Any concerning questions can be sent to

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