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Vaccinations are now mandatory for college athletes

Here is the information behind why this decision was made.

College officials have now come to a point where they have made a decision to mandate all college athlete’s receive the vaccine before returning to the field. In an article from GMA News Online, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) made this decision to require vaccinations for all college athletes.

The article explains that the NCAA came up with the idea to consider mandating vaccinations for college sports athletes, as well as how this decision will be mandatory once in person athletic events resume.

It is mentioned in the piece that the NCAA management committee chairman, Vic Calvo feels as though the vaccines will get the sports league through the next seasons.

Based on this information, this means that Palomar College’s student athletes will eventually need to receive the vaccine or show proof that they have been fully vaccinated by October 11, 2021, in coordination with the rest of students and staff on campus.

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