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Movie Makeover in “He’s All That”

New and hot Netflix arrival “He’s All That” features TikTok star Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, and Peyton Meyer; originally written by R. Lee Fleming and directed by Mark Waters. The film illustrates the cruel world of popularity as main character Padgett, a famous makeover influencer on social media, aspires to regain her social media following by making a nonchalant unpopular boy into the prom king.

This storyline may sound familiar because this movie is a gender swapped version of the 1990’s romantic comedy “She’s All That.” There are similarities between the plots of both films yet, because “He’s All That” was essentially a century makeover of the 1999 gem, many differences lay between them as well.

The most prominent being the reconstruction of society as the movie perfectly portrays the 2021 lifestyle; such as Padgett being a star on a trending social media platform that sounds vaguely like the TikTok platform.

The toxicity of social media is a recurring topic throughout the movie, and it is fair to say that in today’s day and age this is very fitting.

Unfortunately, the ugliest difference in the movie’s 22 year transformation was the blatant advertisements for sponsored items throughout the movie. It’s clear here that this movie is a crazy illusion of the social development that has happened in only two decades.

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