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Palomar’s Search for New President Continues

Palomar’s Presidential Search Committee continues to sift through potential candidates and offer equal opportunity for everyone to be the next president of Palomar College.

Officials have posted the listing for a president search throughout the community college system, as well as personal outreaches on their own.

After the unsuccessful primary presidential election due to the Human Resources Department failing in reaching out to enough potential candidates, the department uses Professional Personnel Leasing (PPL). This is a full-service educational consulting firm that helps community colleges with interim assistance, presidential searches and consulting services with viable reports and resources.

Christine Winterle, the Director of the Human Resources Department, said in a Governing Board meeting, “This allows a vast candidate pool for equal opportunity and would allow the candidates to present themselves and answer a series of questions that others might have for them. This shows fairness to all candidates as well.”

“Part of the reason for choosing PPL was that we know recently had a contract with them and they’ve done a lot of presidential searches through the state,” Winterle added. “We also have a tight timeline so it makes it difficult to reach out and interview many folks, but in speaking with our senior recruiter in HR she worked with PPL closely.”

The Human Resources Department believes this will help the college cast a wider net into the candidate pool.

PPL does not have a required price breakdown of their services. As it seems to be at a flat rate, Trustee Norma Miyamoto motioned that they pushed backed the price cost. She finds the amount of time commitment that PPL is offering to work with Palomar, including background checks and reference checks, to be high.

March 26, 2021 is the final day of application screening for potential first candidates that are to be presented to Palomar College. Following this, on the week of April 5, the Search Committee will start screening for first-level candidates.

A timeline of the presidential search can be found here.

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