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Student Wellness Advocates Mental Health Awareness to Palomar

The Student Wellness Advocacy Group (SWAG) will be holding their Skillshops on understanding depression and suicide on March 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The goal of this Skillshop is to educate students on what causes depression, symptoms of depression, possible treatments are available to them, warning signs of suicidal ideations and more.

While this is a very sensitive topic, students are welcome to share their own stories and experiences and are encouraged to ask questions.

A recent study from Social Behavior & Personality shows that out of 594 college students surveyed, those with social support were less likely to be feeling stress or depression. While those who don’t reach out for support were more likely to feel stressed.

Alex Garcia, who is in charge of the Skillshops, has been working in the field of Mental Health Peer Education for the past 5 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology. She worked as both a peer educator and trainer. Garcia is also certified through the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) in their Bacchus Network Certified Peer Educator program.

“One of the most important things students will be able to walk away with is the information for the Behavioral Health Center and Student Health Center, ” Garcia said.

The Behavioral Health Center can help students with a range of issues. The Behavioral Health Center works on personal issues, relationship issues, developmental issues, academic concerns, and other issues such as effects of trauma, sexual assault, and abuse.

The Behavioral Health Center helps students with their concerns through counseling services. Counselors will recommend, based off students concerns, different services through either the Behavioral Health Counseling Services or from outside sources.

More information on SWAG can be found here and on their page on the Palomar College website.


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