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Hollywood Working Around COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood has to figure out ways to work on movie sets without being exposed to the virus. Before going on the set, actors get their noses swabbed and are required to wear masks at all times unless they are on camera.

If they have to travel to a location like Italy, which has more strict COVID regulations than the U.S., they would have to quarantine for two weeks. Protocols are very strict on sets, not just for the stars but also for crew members.

Tom Cruise, who is known for making action films, was filming the new “Mission Impossible” movie in the U.K. and made headlines when he was caught an audio recording screaming at crew members for not following protocol rules. It became a debate on whether Cruise was right by yelling at the crew members or not.

Safety is vital for everyone on the sets because if someone ends up getting the virus, then production has to shut down. Big-budget movies cost a lot of money and time, and filmmakers do not want to lose money over shutting down production.

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