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The Camera Must Stay On

Students must have their cameras on during Zoom calls. It is a sign of respect, something that has been lost in the digital age.

For many teachers, who have built their career by interacting in person, this change to online teaching has been hard. They have the challenge of educating and shaping the way students think from home.

The challenge becomes harder when students have their cameras off on Zoom. When talking in person was the norm, having a conversation with someone on their phone can make you feel unheard or unwanted.

With teachers, that feeling is there. Students often have the audio turned off. Without the verbal feedback, visually seeing a student nod can help a teacher read the room.

With no camera on, students have the freedom to do whatever they want away from the class. Turn your camera on and be present. If you don’t want to be there, why take the class?

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