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What Am I Grateful For?

If you were to ask me a year ago, I would probably have said that I am grateful for my family and friends. However, that has changed.

Recently, I read an Instagram post from Allyson Golden (@wordsaregolden) the day before Thanksgiving. She discussed unplugging from social media and turning phones off when we are with our family on Thanksgiving Day.

“These things in our hands take up enough of our time, let’s fill our time tomorrow with intentional conversation and laughter rather than missing moments due to scrolling,” she said.

Golden’s statement made me realize that Thanksgiving is a time to make memories and to be grateful for those memories that are created. Whether through conversation or laughter, Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful in those specific moments.

Of course, I am grateful for family and friends, but I am thankful to look upon those memories that happen during this holiday.

Every year during the holidays, I usually go to Palm Springs to be with my family. This year I am staying close to home. Looking back on those Thanksgiving Day memories in Palm Springs put a smile on my face because I am thankful that I was able to be with family, laugh with them and create conversations with them.

One thing I wish I could change would have to be detaching myself from my phone. I think to myself, what could have been different if I was off my phone in certain moments? What other memories could have been created?

So, now I ask myself how is Thanksgiving 2020 going to be different? It’s going to be different because I am going to completely turn off my phone and be thankful to be able to create memories with my family.

Whether you are turning off your phone during Thanksgiving or leaving it on, Thanksgiving is a time to hold close to heart and to be grateful. It’s a time to reminisce on old memories and a time to create new ones. It’s a time to ask yourself, “What I am thankful for?”

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