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November: Perfect Month to Celebrate the Holidays

The holiday season is beginning again! Now that Halloween is over, many people want to celebrate and decorate for the next holiday–except for those who are so excited about Christmas that Thanksgiving is sometimes completely overlooked.

These two holidays’ decorations should coincide with each other rather than separately. The Thanksgiving feast can always be elevated by festive Christmas decorations.

After people celebrate Halloween, they should not immediately decorate for Christmas. Not only would every single Halloween decoration have to be taken down, they would have the entire house redecorated for the Christmas season.

People need to give themselves a break and mentally prepare for the holidays. Everyone is a fan of decorating, but hardly anyone is a fan of cleaning just to put up decor again.

Christmas cheer can still be celebrated at the perfect time. The weekend before Thanksgiving is when people should have their Christmas tree and decorations up. Plenty of people will be busy with Thanksgiving shopping and prepping the week of Turkey Day, not to mention all the time and energy it takes to decorate for any holiday.

Romper conducted several interviews to get everyone’s opinion on this holiday tradition. However, plenty of interviewees stated that they support Christmas decorations on display for the Thanksgiving feast.

Mary Hicks, a mother, supports setting up the Christmas tree early for Thanksgiving.

“I don’t understand why people think having a Christmas tree makes you less thankful,” Hicks said. “It’s the season of being grateful, giving, trees, turkeys, time with others, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate these things.”

She claims the Christmas decorations elevate the Thanksgiving feast that day. Besides, when family and friends come together for Thanksgiving, everyone is talking about Christmas.

“Why not have a lovely Thanksgiving feast right next to the festive Christmas tree,” she said.

There is nothing wrong with decorating the house early for some Christmas cheer. However, more people should consider giving the holidays the time they need to celebrate each of them and have the decorations on display to elevate the season.

With the quarantine already draining the happiness out of people this year, let them merge a few holidays together to get their joy back.

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