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Long Live TikTok

TikTok should not be banned.

It is a social media app where people can post 15 to 60 seconds of video that can involve comedy, singing, dancing, vlogs, and more. TikTok should not be banned because it is not the only platform that struggles with security and privacy, and allows people to create communities.

In terms of security and privacy, Equifax, an agency of consumer credit reporting, is another platform that struggles with this.

“The U.S. has repeatedly accused it of espionage, including the 2017 hack of the Equifax credit reporting agency,” said an article by the Washington Post in regards to China.

The Guardian stated that Zoom also has “major bugs” that allow hackers to “take full control” of another’s computer.

In addition, TikTok helps create communities. For example, the app connects people with mental health problems.

Tiktok creator Emma Norton, who has four million followers, recently said in NYLON Magazine that there is a “sudden popularity” in using TikTok for trauma issues.

She said that people are “unapologetically talking about issues that are so important, like mental health, religion, hate crimes, toxic relationships, whatever it is. The power of these points of view is making people through their experience feel less alone.”

Licensed therapists specializing in mental health, PTSD, trauma, and other illnesses have joined TikTok, covering a variety of matters as a way to help individuals with mental health, anxiety, confidence, et cetera.

Each month, Micheline Maalouf, a licensed mental health counselor, picks a topic relating to mental health to report on.

TikTok has been successful since it launched. According to Business Insider, “the app has more than two billion downloads.”

When this app is opened, creativity is unleashed at the hands of the users. It provides many options and opportunities to think outside the box.

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